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With the contribution of Professor Aron-Brunetière, head of Dermatology at the Fondation Rothschild (Paris 19ème), Laboratoire Sauba developed the Fadiamone cream and obtained a marketing authorization for it as early as 1976. Fadiamone is a medicine for the treatment of ageing skin (drying skin).


Laboratoire SANOFI purchases Laboratoire Sauba. Ownership of Fadiamone transfers to Laboratoire SANOFI.


Laboratoire CS Dermatologie purchases the dermatology activity of SANOFI. Ownership of Fadiamone transfers to Laboratoire CS Dermatologie.


With the contribution of Professor Jean Paul Marty, Professeur agrégé of Dermo-pharmacology and Cosmetology from the Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris Sud (as part of directing a thesis on emulsions), the R&D department of the Laboratoire CS Dermatologie develops an L/H/L emulsion (Lipophilic/Hydrophilic/Lipophilic) for Fadiamone cream. It will take two years. The L/H/L emulsion is an excellent vector for active ingredients, with a reservoir effect, and is very moisturizing (cutaneous drying). Launch of this new formula with cosmetic status: Fadiamone L/H/L + CentellaAsiatica& Soya Isoflavones. That formula is the current formula.


Launch of Fadiamone Day Cream, on the H/L base (Hydrophilic/Lipophilic), lighter, and with an added SPF15 UVA 5 protection.


Laboratoires SINCLAIR purchase the Laboratoires CS Dermatologie.


Laboratoires Novomedis purchase Fadiamone: parabens are removed from the formula and the fragrance is changed. The unique L/H/L formula remains.

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