To discover your skin type, answer this quiz and addthe pointsyou get for each answer.

The number of the answer corresponds to the number of points (answer 1=1 point, etc.).

After cleaning your face, do you feel that your skin feels tight or dry?

  1. Nearly always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Nearly never


Do you have problematic skin, with many imperfections?

  1. Nearly always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Often


Does your forehead, nose or chin tend to be shiny and oily?

  1. Nearly never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Nearly always


Does your face tend to be shiny and do you need to touch up your make-up during the day?

  1. Hardly ever
  2. Sometimes
  3. Often


Taking into account your age, do you think that your skin is:

  1. Very marked by wrinkles
  2. Moderately marked by wrinkles
  3. Not much marked by wrinkles


Do dry air, wind or indoors heatinggive you an unpleasant tense feelingin your face?

  1. Nearly always
  2. Rarely
  3. Never


Which distinctive feature best describes your skin?

  1. Tends to be dry
  2. Feels soft and smooth
  3. Has dilated pores



7 to 9 points VERY DRY SKIN  
10 to 12 points DRY SKIN  
13 to 15 points NORMAL SKIN

Which cream should you choose?

16 to 18 points COMBINAISON SKIN  
19 to 21 points OILY SKIN  


The number of each answer also indicatesits value in points.

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